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April 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Never Give Up

What a lovely moral to this story.  I love a comic that either makes me laugh or gives me advice, this one just gave me advice that i so needed right now.

– Kim

I’ve been in the last couple of issues of AIC (Lifeboat and Great Tree) and resulting from that I’ve been involved with Mike Garley at Comixology. I’m going to pen some 10 page strips for his online stuff.

On a more general basis, I work as a commercial artist from Southampton and I sell pop-art inspired canvases at Winchester Market once a month under the banner Neopop.

My first love has always been comics and comic art (Vintage Marvel, Schulz, Herge, Searle, Mad Magazine, Gilbert Shelton, Moore, Miller, Darwyn Cooke, Bruce Timm, Dave Stevens, Bolland, Allred e.t.c.) and my desire to be a comic artist has never dimmed (see 1st panel of The Orb!).

I’m a keen runner, I love clubbing (oldest raver in town now in my mid 40’s!), cat lover, movie obsessive.

Claim to fame: I once voice directed Sylvester Stallone for a game which I scripted. I also got roaringly drunk with Johnny Rotten one afternoon at the Met Bar.

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