Michi Mathias

April 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

This is great story of an artist finding inspiration and an idea of what to draw for a 2 page challenge based on ‘The Orb’. Very enjoyable!

– Kim

Drawing is what I did all the time in my earlier life, starting with the margins on pretty much every bit of paper at school. Later, in the days before computers, I’d get asked by friends and colleagues to make posters, stationery, bumper stickers, wine labels…. all sorts of graphics projects which I was always delighted to do. Then somehow, it all got put to one side. I was renovating old houses and making jewellery, then working full-time for an environmental group, lived in Japan for awhile and did freelance translation when I came back, had two beautiful boys, set up a small veggie sushi business, and got busy playing and teaching music.

Now, after too many years of watching enviously from the sidelines, I’m so happy to be back. And I’ve left behind some of my old striving for technical perfection and fine detail that used to be so frustrating, and now embrace a bit of wonkiness. Not too much, I hope. It’s exciting to be learning new things. I’m still drawing by hand, though, just like in the old days.


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