Tony Holdsworth

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We are back after the lovely Easter break. Time to get through these submissions and preparing for our show at Resort. But firstly here’s another submission to be admired.

Here’s a comic by Tony Holdsworth that goes real deep!

– Kim

Tony Holdsworth is a writer, artist and soon-to-be student of comics. In September he will be found at Staffordshire university studying Cartoon and Comic Arts, but for now he’s at


Adventures in Comics at Resort Studios

April 17, 2014 § 2 Comments

This will be the first time all submissions can be viewed at the same time as a collection.

Ashley Hewerdine Part 3

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This is my personal favourite and out of the Hewerdine 3.

– Kim

It’s Easter! So there wont be another comic post until after we’ve stuffed our faces with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and returned to work.

Ashley Hewerdine Part 2

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Here’s number two, a superhero taking on the biggest enemy … fast food.

– Kim

Ashley Hewerdine Part 1

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Ashley Hewerdine submitted 3 comics! All very good and therefore all need to be shown. Here’s the first one;

– Kim

I’m 33, and have been drawing cartoons and comics for as long as I remember. Last year I decided to try and make something more of it, and released Deathridge, a horror/cartoon comic, last year (

Otherwise I fill my time with my guitars, my car, and a part-time job selling tickets at a London Underground station.

Later this year my wife and I are moving to Amsterdam to start a new life, at which time I will become a full-time struggling artist.

Michi Mathias

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This is great story of an artist finding inspiration and an idea of what to draw for a 2 page challenge based on ‘The Orb’. Very enjoyable!

– Kim

Drawing is what I did all the time in my earlier life, starting with the margins on pretty much every bit of paper at school. Later, in the days before computers, I’d get asked by friends and colleagues to make posters, stationery, bumper stickers, wine labels…. all sorts of graphics projects which I was always delighted to do. Then somehow, it all got put to one side. I was renovating old houses and making jewellery, then working full-time for an environmental group, lived in Japan for awhile and did freelance translation when I came back, had two beautiful boys, set up a small veggie sushi business, and got busy playing and teaching music.

Now, after too many years of watching enviously from the sidelines, I’m so happy to be back. And I’ve left behind some of my old striving for technical perfection and fine detail that used to be so frustrating, and now embrace a bit of wonkiness. Not too much, I hope. It’s exciting to be learning new things. I’m still drawing by hand, though, just like in the old days.

Bloodlust Comics

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Bloodlust Comics is formed of Péter Fábián (Art) and Viktor Kozmajer (Story)

This is awesome! Such a strong story and the art work is perfect for it. I would love to see this as a full series, eagerly anticipating the next instalment of this incredible story.

– Kim

Péter Fábián
I was born in 1986, Balassagyarmat, Hungary. I’m a graphic artist and I’m working as a tattoo artist for 6 years. I’m the creator of a hungarian author’s comic series, called Bloodlust. I’m work on the series with Viktor Kozmajer. I’m the comic artist of Bloodlust, my main activity is the drawings. We write the series together with Viktor. Until now, we printed 4 graphic novels in our own cost.
DeviantArt page:

Viktor Kozmajer
I was born in 1987, Balassagyarmat, Hungary. In my freetime, I’m working on our own hungarian author’s comic series, called Bloodlust with Péter Fábián. I’m the co-writer of Bloodlust, the webmaster of, and I’m try to help Péter coloring our comic. I like comics since I was a child, I like drawing very much, but I haven’t draw an own comic, I just always bombing Péter with my ideas 🙂
DeviantArt page:

Miriam Kendrick

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A Lovely comic about the unknown and fears. Great read with lovely artwork!

– Kim

Miriam Kendrick is a freelance artist living and working in Kent. Although having spent her lifetime so far drawing and painting, she has only been drawing comics for the past three years. Having begun drawing short comic strips for fun, she quickly recaptured the love for story telling which she’d had as a child and began writing short stories in comic form, most recently including a mystery set in the noble town of Tunbridge Wells.

Jack Hugh Baker

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This reminds me of element stones in Pokemon that can change certain pokemon into even cooler pokemon. I think this is an awesome story and great artwork.

– Kim

Jack Hugh Baker: Comic Artist and LV99 Wizard


Stelios Tomazos

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This is a great way to have a comic, no panels, no story and just an introduction. Now you can use your imagination to continue the story.

– Kim

My full name is Stylianos (Stelios) Tomazos. I come from Greece and I was born on October 22nd, 1984 in Chios Island (an island in the eastern Aegean Sea). At the age of 18, I came to Athens to study in the University. At the time being, I continue living in Athens. I have a degree in English Language and Litterature and another one in French. My postgraduate studies were focused on “Educational Technology and Human Resource Management”. I also attended a two-year programme on 3D Animation. I love reading novels (Classic Litterature, Modern Litterature) and, of course, comics. I am a superhero comicbook fan, but I love European comic albums (French, Italian) and crime stories, as well. I spend my leisure time working out in the gym, writing comicbook scripts and drawing comics for contests or for my personal projects.

This is my Deviant Art webpage where you can find more samples of my artwork:

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