Sophie Alvis

July 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

This dark tale of fun fair horror comes from Sophie Alvis. May have put me off the Dreamland opening we will be attending soon, but at least the skeletons look happy at the end! Great work, thanks.

sophie-Alvis-1 sophie-Alvis-2

Guildford College is the home of a wide range of visual and creative arts (as well as everything from construction to hairdressing. Our students are an eclectic bunch).

We are, possibly, best known for sculpture, with both Henry Moore and Dame Elizabeth Frinke walking through our beautiful School of Art doorway but nowadays we do a fine job of teaching visual arts on both desktop computer and touch screen. You may have seen us at MCM, LSCC, BETT, the Gadget Show Live, Eurogamer Expo and many more fine places in which case, hi, nice to see you again.

The students, every year, are given the Adventures in Comics brief, which is basically “two pages, that’s the title.” It’s fun and lovely and every year I love what they do. I hope you like it too.

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