Grainne McEntee, Kieran Squires & Matt Rooke

June 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Next up is a beautifully written and drawn entry from this trio. A touching story delivered in a hauntingly great style.

The-Waltzer-lettered-preview-1 The-Waltzer-lettered-preview-2

Grainne McEntee

Co-creator of Apes ‘n’ Capes with Matt Rooke, Grainne McEntee was born to and raised by a pack of God-fearing wolves in a cavernous hole punched in the side of a Drumlin in Cavan, Ireland. Cooking is her therapy. Writing is her attempt at making sense of the Universe. Still working on both.

Kieran Squires

Kieran has been doodling and writing for many a year and after reaching legendary status in his own house, he realised he should try to expand into the outside world. Comfortable writing or drawing, his only goal is to enjoy what he is doing as much as he can and ensure that when world domination comes, he has his pen and pencil ready to do battle. He is also available for birthdays, weddings and bah mitzvahs.

Matt Rooke

Matt Rooke is a UK based illustrator and graphic designer, with 15 years design industry experience. A senior designer by day, he illustrates comic books in his spare time. Current and recent projects include pet project Apes ‘n’ Capes, with co-creator and partner Grainne McEntee, now into its fifth issue; a 6 page short story written by David Bishop, for the successful Kickstarter zombie anthology Dead Roots, edited by Mike Garley. As well as creator-owned project, Toots Malloy: Blues Ninja with writer Patrick Cline, Matt is also contributing to upcoming Pearl Jam inspired anthology No (Comic) Code, edited by Pete Rogers from Dapper Chimp Press.

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