David Robertson

June 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

Here comes the second of our Adventures in Comics 5 submissions! This glorious black and white strip really nails the emotions, maybe we should have titled it ‘The Roller Coaster‘!



David Robertson makes comics, reads comics and writes about comics. He’s written for The Comics Grid, The Comics Journal, Down the Tubes, Graphixia, The International Journal of Comic Art, Nude, Reference Reviews, Spaceship Away, Starscape and Stripped. His own comics work has appeared in Adventures in Comics, Artificial Womb, BAM!, Belt Sander, A Bit of Undigested Potato, Copy This!, Crap Your Pants, Eric, Funtime, Shiot Crock, Small Pets, Treehouse, The UK Web and Mini Comix Anthology and at the 40075km website. Through Fred Egg Comics, he self-publishes his small press mini-comics Berserkotron and Dump.

Twitter: @fredeggcomics

e-mail: d1robertson@hotmail.com

Blog: www.fredeggcomics.blogspot.co.uk

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