The Waltzer

December 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

There are lots of great inspirational references out there for fair ground rides – like this one:


Thank you for the image.

As residents of Margate, we are very aware of the restoration of Dreamland happening outside our window so here is a link to a video of the Waltzer in Dreamland:

For those of you with a darker disposition, the sad fate of that particular ride was to catch fire…

Dreamland Waltzer


Have a great time thinking about this challenge over the Christmas break. We look forward to the results!

Next Years’ Challenge

December 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Roll up! Roll up! Next year’s two page challenge is…

…pause for sound of Wurlitzer music…


The what?

Well, a Waltzer is a fairground ride, so let your imagination ride the pop corn smelling, brash, noisy, creaking, fun fairs of the past (or future).

All you have to do is create a two page comic and send it to us by the 30th May 2015.

Same rules apply as previous years (which I will publish on the website, the moment I get a chance).

Have Fun!


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