Gráinne McEntee and Brett Uren

April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

Puny Human

This reminds me of what i do at home when i put words into my pets mouth and turn them into evil geniuses or village idiots. Fantastic words from Gráinne and brilliant art from Brett.

– Kim

Gráinne McEntee
Creator of Apes ‘n’ Capes and contributor to the Dead Roots anthology, Grainne McEntee was born to and raised by a pack of God-fearing wolves in a cavernous hole punched in the side of a Drumlin in Cavan, Ireland. Copious amounts of cheese and crackers spawn her writing. Stinking Bishop is her weapon of choice. And a pen. Pens are good too. She has been thinking about writing for a long time. She finally got round to it.

Brett Uren
Creator of Kuzimu, The Vale, Torsobear and other wonderfully wild comics you’ll find under a stone somewhere. A fan of things dark and eldritch. He would be a misanthrope, if he didn’t find so much to laugh at.
Sometimes a joke is just that. But if it’s a joke about dark rituals to open interdimensional gateways into pubs, then it is probably original. Creating complex stories that delve into spheres of philosophy, science and politics are only really memorable if they revolve around strange creatures. It’s true, he says, check out a myth or fable sometime. This self-styled ‘King of the Monsters’ lives in a cosy Aylesbury cave with his sired one and delicious little spawnling.

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