January 30, 2013 § 2 Comments

Today is closing day for submissions and I am overjoyed to say that we have received over 60 submissions of incredible work from Sarawak to Minneapolis. I take my hat off to you all for sharing such prodigious talent with us and look forward to posting all the work on our website and printing the paper later in the month.

In the meantime we will get busy printing and framing for the preview at Marine Studios on Friday night and hope that we will meet at least some of you!

Don’t forget, if you can’t make it to Margate on Friday then the show moves to the Pie Factory in the Old Town for the week of 18th February to coincide with the Video Games Festival – GEEK2013 (and school half-term holiday) and on the Thursday evening (21st Feb) will be the venue for the launch party of the Festival.

Here’s another sneak peek at a frame from Luke Scoffields’ enigmatic story:



How many ways could this story turn out?

A sudden thought: What if we did a story challenge that each participant drew a four frame strip and we pass the story on to all contributors to this years AIC? Would anyone be interested in taking up the challenge?

Here’s my suggestion:

The artist ‘best in show’ as selected by Paul Gravett gets the honour of starting the story with a four frame strip (or equivalent size) and we pass the strip on to next person to add their continuation of the plot in their own style. We’d have to set some rules so that the story ‘read’ but not too many. With sixty people we would have to have a time limit of a week each to make it in time for AIC4 next year but could publish the results as we go on the blog.

What do you all think?


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  • Stelios Tomazos says:

    I think that the co-operative creation of a story is a wonderful idea. Mixing all these different art styles in order to narrate a single story can bring about a really interesting change in the ”comic world”. I would like to take part in such an initiative.

  • This is a fantastic idea count the Sarawak headhunters in.

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