Thank You

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

A huge thank you to everyone who attended, contributed to and supported Adventures in Comics at Marine Studios.

We had an awesome time putting the show together and meeting so many interesting and enthusiastic people. We had visitors from far and wide and received so many wonderful comments that made us blush, including:

‘Brilliant, I will be back, p.s make this an annual event and I will have a crack next year’
‘Great ideas and interesting art forms – worth a stop from France’
‘Comics have re-awakened my love for mankind’ (I might have made this last one up).

Judging from the responses we’ve had, Adventures in Comics will undoubtedly become an annual event!

We’ve also had a lot of people asking for a post exhibition catalogue/book of all the Mechanical Elephant entries. If you think this is a good idea and would be interested in buying a copy then send an email to:

In the meantime we will continue to wow you with more exciting comics related material and opportunities to submit and discuss work. Stay tuned.

Also for more information about future shows and events at Marine Studios visit:

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