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May 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Don’t forget to send a short (like one paragraph) biog and your address with your submissions. We will put the biog on the web site and need the address to send the print copy.

We look forward to getting your amazing comics!

Two weeks to go

May 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

The submission date for this year’s Adventure in Comics is the 30th May – that is just over two weeks away.

As in previous years you will join other comics creators in our two-page challenge based on the title “The Waltzer”. We will print the best 50 submissions and send you a copy free! and if you are selected as the best comic by our panel of judges then we will send you a book or similar prize as a thank you.

The submission should be two pages of A4 and be sent to us as a PDF file with your name, address and short bio that we can publish on the website.

Check out for inspiration and encouragement.

This will be our fifth year and we have hopes that it will be a bumper crop of talented comics that we have to print. We also have plans to publish a ‘best of five years’ compilation later in the year.

And finally, we are working on the exhibition to be part of Margate’s summer of festivities, another good reason to visit the seaside now the weather is warmer!

Time to put the finishing touches to this year’s AIC entry!

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The coming of Spring and (in the UK at least), daylight savings time, means that there is now no excuse not to work well into the evening on your submission for Adventures in Comics – Number 5. Yes, this will be our fifth year and we hope that the challenging title of “The Waltzer” will really bring out some great work.

So come one, come all and roll up for the great AIC challenge! A two page comic reflecting the theme of the title to be with us in PDF format by 30th May 2015 and get your self in print in our annual comic.

And for inspiration, how about this?


Find out more about John Stump at:

Je suis Charlie

January 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

The horrible, horrible events in Paris need a response.
If anyone wants to share their cartoon or drawing then we will post it here.

The BBC has collected a good selection of cartoonist’s responses to the atrocity.


Charlie Hebdo was named after Charlie Brown (and, cheekily, Charles De Gaulle)

This image tweeted by Magnus Shaw of Shultz’s original Charlie in tears speaks volumes.

Email to me at


The Waltzer

December 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

There are lots of great inspirational references out there for fair ground rides – like this one:


Thank you for the image.

As residents of Margate, we are very aware of the restoration of Dreamland happening outside our window so here is a link to a video of the Waltzer in Dreamland:

For those of you with a darker disposition, the sad fate of that particular ride was to catch fire…

Dreamland Waltzer


Have a great time thinking about this challenge over the Christmas break. We look forward to the results!

Next Years’ Challenge

December 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Roll up! Roll up! Next year’s two page challenge is…

…pause for sound of Wurlitzer music…


The what?

Well, a Waltzer is a fairground ride, so let your imagination ride the pop corn smelling, brash, noisy, creaking, fun fairs of the past (or future).

All you have to do is create a two page comic and send it to us by the 30th May 2015.

Same rules apply as previous years (which I will publish on the website, the moment I get a chance).

Have Fun!


AIC4 at the printers

November 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

It is rather later than planned, but we have finally sent the latest Adventures in Comics to the printers and soon all contributors will be getting a wonderful 60 page copy of this year’s submissions.

Thank you all again for you great work!

And this time we have published the theme of the next challenge in the comic, so watch out for it.

AIC 4 Publication Cover



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